Central New York
BlueBijou Chartreux

BlueBijou Chartreux is a small home based Cattery in Upstate New York, West of Syracuse. We
began showing in the Premiership classes in 2000, and registered our cattery with CFA in May,

Our cattery is our home, females and neuters having run of the house, and our breeding males
have spacious seperate quarters. Our litters are raised underfoot, never caged, and receive lots of
attention and socialization from the time  they are born. They are also exposed to our "Grand
Dog"  on a regular basis and adore her.

We have had success in the CFA show environment with several Regional winners in both
Championship and Premiership over the years. We pride ourselves on breeding healthy cats with
wonderful dispositions. Our lives are never dull with the Chartreux here!

We enjoy sharing knowledge of this breed and welcome cattery visits by folks interested in the
Chartreux. These guys love having company!


Carolyn and Douglas Menzel
About Us
GC BlueBijou's Franchesca